My Story

The name Small Batch Supply Co. was inspired by the words "Small Batch" that are printed on some of the finest Whisky & Mezcal bottles which are some of my favorite. Just like the best distillers, I like to make things in smaller quantities. By doing so, I am able to make sure that every piece gets the attention it deserves and results in the highest level of quality. 

My name is Yomahra and I am the owner of Small Batch Supply Co. I am also the maker of all of the goods you will find here. I am in love with process, the multiple steps that it takes to create a beautiful, finished product. This is why my I am involved every step of the way. From dyeing, cutting, assembling, setting copper rivets to most importantly stitching, every aspect is done by hand.

I thoughtfully design each piece so that you get an item that will enhance and compliment your lifestyle and hopefully inspire you.

The materials I use are very important to me. Only Hermann Oak leathers are used because they are tanned in the U.S.A. and are some of the highest quality you can find. All of the hardware, threads, dyes and tools I use are sourced from American companies.

Collectively this means that when you buy a Small Batch Supply Co. product, you’re getting something that’s made by the owner, you’re keeping a dying art alive, and you’re supporting a small business.