Curing Preserve
Curing Preserve

Curing Preserve

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An all natural leather balm.

For leather conditioning, restoration, polishing and weather-proofing.

Umm Holistic Skincare and Handcrafted Leather Goods?! Yeah, those were our initial thoughts too. But Brujita Skincare and I teamed up to make a balm or a “preserve” as we like to call it. Our goal was to make a preserve using all natural ingredients, no petroleum, no chemicals, no paraffin. In fact its so natural and safe that you could even use this on your own skin! We’re also both big into Mezcal so we wanted to make sure we got that in there too!

Our Curing Preserve is made up of 4 simple ingridients:

Castor Oil (for moisturizing)

Beeswax (weather-proofing)

Mezcal (anti-bacterial)

Clove (for scent)

Made in the Small Batch Supply Co.

Quantity: 1 oz. tin


Curing Preserve is a great top coat. Not only does it give leather a beautiful shine but it makes it smell magical!

We recommend a light coat of preserve whenever your leather product begins to look dry. Apply a light coat using a clean dry rag, let it sit for about a minute then buff it with a clean dry rag. Its great for polishing boots before a day out with them too!